Bring new life to widely unused configurations on a unix-like environment with a multi-user setup using GNU Guix as basis for development environments.

You’ll need to share your commonly used configurations (such as dotfiles) to all your users, personally I do use custom configurations on the Sway windows manager, the Termite terminal emulator, the Firefox web browser and the Kakoune text editor.

Change default umask to 012 on /etc/profile.

sudo useradd postventapp -G wheel sudo passwd postventapp

Touch: /usr/local/share/kak/autoload/custom/

sudo useradd “$USER” sudo mkdir -p “/shared/$USER” sudo chown “$USER:$USER” “/shared/$USER” sudo chmod -R g+w “$SHARED_FOLDER” whoami | xargs sudo usermod -aG “$USER” sudo su “$USER”

– postventapp –

cd “/shared/$USER” git clone git clone cd

guix install python python-pip node postgresql echo “export PYTHONPATH=/shared/$(whoami)/backend” >> ~/.bashrc ln -s “/shared/$(whoami)” ~/shared cd ~/shared/backend pip3 install -r requirements.txt –user echo ‘export PATH=“$PATH:$HOME/.local/bin”’ >> ~/.bashrc . ~/.bashrc python3 app/ cd ~/shared/frontend npm install cd ~/shared

– /postventapp